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Machare Summer Bug

Machare Ladybug

While it has been unusually hot and dry this year, we have been enjoying the sunshine, the birds and the nature outside our windows. As we watched a ladybug flitting about, we thought how fitting it would be to make an animated bug part of our logo on our Facebook cover page for summer.  Enjoy!


Happy Fourth of July!

Machare Art site launched

Machare Art Homepage  The Machare Art site has been launched!

The site features the sketches, watercolors, paintings and illustration of Luis Machare, whose career has spanned 5 decades. Luis is well known for his caricatures and humorous illustrations that were featured in newspapers in Mexico, Peru and the United States, most recently in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Another section of the site highlights the photography and digital artwork of Mary Machare, for whom Photoshop and filters opened a world of possibilities.  Her work can also be found on Fine Art America, where it can be purchased in a variety of media and sizes.

Art runs in the family, so Philippe Machare’s work is also included. Philippe, who has been sketching and drawing since he was very young, brings his notebooks everywhere. He is currently studying animation.