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Photography for “Shonny’s Wild Berries”

Shonny's Wild Berries - Key Lime BerrieWhen makes a photo session challenging? A tiny budget, limited time, an on-location setting with a lack of lighting equipment? As it turns out, none of the above. For the Shonny’s photo session, it was the owner making her signature chocolate dipped strawberries on the spot (for freshness) and tempting us with each strawberry creation as she completed them. Some of the creations included Banana Berry Split, made with banana cream coated with milk chocolate and walnuts; Sweet & Salty Berries with sea salt sprinkled over dark Belgian chocolate; and (pictured at left) Key Limey Berries.

Shonny’s Wild Berries in Wauwatosa. 414-791-4488

9 Principles for Great Branding by Design

I often describe branding as the integrated voice and visual attributes of a company. It might be described as a company’s public personality. Ideally strategically planned, the messages and design will be intrinsically connected, so that whether you hear a tagline or see a product or ad, you immediately make the connection to the company.

In this article “9 Principles for Great Branding by Design” from FastCompany, three top designers discuss how to make design an integral part of your brand.

Aram Bartholl’s “The Speed Book”

Aram Bartholl's " The Speed Book"It is always fascinating to see how artists capture our life and times in the digital age. Take a peek Aram Bartholl’s new book on Fast Company’s website.

Aram Bartholl’s public art installations are a mash-up of the real and digital worlds. “Space and cyberspace mingle and mangle one another” in his work, as sci-fi author Bruce Sterling says in the introduction to this retrospective of Bartholl’s entertaining techno-art.