Fun Stuff

Designers never stop designing. Whether they are creating invitations for an upcoming soiree or tailgate party, thank you cards, murals or art, they live – and love – their chosen profession.

Here are some of the creative projects we are involved with in our time away from clients. home page We recently launched the Machare-Art website to highlight the art work produced by Luis, Philippe and Mary Machare.

Luis’ work features pastels, paintings, portraits, caricatures and cartoons from his four-decade career as well as recent projects.

Mary has a passion for photography and she takes a camera everywhere she goes. She enjoys using Photoshop to transform her photographs into digital art.

Philippe, an art student studying animation, takes his sketchbook everywhere. He enjoys experimenting with styles and media and takes on commissions in between homework.

The site is a work in progress, with new pages and features being added as time and projects permit.